PatrickReza TEARS
Release Date 18/02/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents PatrickReza - TEARS

We haven’t heard much from PatrickReza in the last months, leaving listeners most likely anticipating the final song of his three track EP, entitled ‘BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS.‘ And now, we have the last of the trio for release on CloudKid. The alt-trap artist engages listeners with a more sensitive one, ‘TEARS,’ featuring many typical vibes and sounds from the artist, as well. A combination of alternative vocals and guitars with his signature trap and electronic elements, this is the breakup song of the three, combining a moody, downbeat guitar strum at the song’s start, adding dirty beats and snappy synths, to a solemn vocal melody and catchy, swinging chorus. Most notably, toward the song’s end, is when he harmoises alongside himself in what seems like two different people’s voices. 

PatrickReza says of the song’s narrative, “This song tells the story of the push and pulling current throughout the development of a new relationship. I think of it in scenarios, experiences or metaphors: driving through the California coastal mountains, moving through those ups and downs, twists and turns, the lies, cheating, the good, AND the bad times of the road ahead.”  

»It's about that push and pulling current of a new relationship.«

PatrickReza’s signature alternative trap sound has returned, this time around in a little more of a melancholic and heart-wrenching mood than his previous two singles, ‘BLOOD,’ with Silent Child, and ‘SWEAT.’ After a relentless year of releases in 2019, ending with his debut EP, ‘Strung Out,’ the last few years have been cool, calm and collected for the artist and producer, to say the least. However, having boasted a multitude of support on Spotify Editorial, MrSuicideSheep and a Billie Eilish supported remix of ‘Bad Guy,’ we know whatever he has next up his sleeve will have warranted that little bit of silence and space in between. The final song of his EP, ‘TEARS,‘ out now on CloudKid!