BB Cooper Talk
Release Date 24/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents BB Cooper - Talk

BB Cooper is back on CloudKid with his first solo single since his In My Dreams EP,  with one of his most pop sounding songs to date. In big alternative pop style matched with larger vocal stacks and a groove that makes you want to nod your head until you pull a muscle in your neck, ‘Talk’ is all about betrayal.

The vocalist says about the song, “This song is about being betrayed by someone that you trusted above all else. And of course, that feeling hurts more than ever, but in ‘Talk,’ it follows the story of the narrator not letting that affect them so much and instead, allowing that experience to help them take their power back. It’s like, you’re done talking, and you’ve had enough.”  

»'re done talking, and you've had enough.«

Inspired by the likes of Charlie Puth, Upsahl, and Chloe Adams on this track, BB Cooper is the criminal — and musical mastermind — behind ‘Talk.’ Hailing from an undisclosed location, there have been several attempts at guessing his true identity (including referring to him, instead, as DB), none of which have had any luck in a reveal. However, with this secrecy, comes an authenticity, with many of Cooper’s lyrics and themes often being personal in nature and reflective of the turbulent journey he has traveled thus far. Having already garnered support on the debut track of his EP, ‘Blame’  by BBC Radio Introducing, as well as leading YouTube channels xKito, Galaxy Music and Aviencloud, it is clear that BB Cooper is ready to keep taking the world, and airwaves, by storm. This year, he once again invites listeners to get ready, grab a chute and strap in for another adventure with his latest single. We may never know properly what’s to come!