KHAMSIN, Molly Moore, Win and Woo TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL
Release Date 07/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Khamsin, Molly Moore & Win and Woo - TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL

Artist and producer Khamsin teams up with American vocalist, Molly Moore, and production duo, Win and Woo to deliver, ‘TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL,’ an alternative, electronic rock song that was written about the strength of women and how often they are underestimated, particularly in the creative industries.

Molly says, “I was really inspired to be involved in a song about women empowerment, alongside men. Songs like I’m Just A Girl by No Doubt and Hot Topic by Le Tigre were floating in my mind on this one. I really just wanted to use language that reinforces women’s empowerment versus language that perpetuates patriarchal stereotypes. As a woman, I’m often seen as aggressive because I’m straight forward and know what I want; and these characteristics are perceived differently than they would be if I were a man. And so, I want to be a part of changing that. I’ve also collaborated with Win & Woo in the past and I’m excited to get together again with them and now Khamsin to deliver this vibrant, energetic track that means a lot to us all.”

»I'm often seen as aggressive because I'm straight forward...«

Khamsin’s music bridges the ether to the club, intertwining atmospheric and industrial sounds, inviting listeners to move with excitement and also ponder with wonder. Drawing inspiration from relatable life experiences and from the likes of artistic muses such as The Strokes, Justice and Daft Punk, Thomas Di pane aka Khamsin has struck the balance between energy and beauty, all while crafting his own unique brand at the crossroads of electronic and rock music that truly stands in a lane of its own. Alongside him on this particular track is Molly Moore, a NY-born & LA-based songstress whose music speaks to a 5G generation. With straight-shooting lyrics, soulful timbre, & a psychedelically spun style, Molly effortlessly transcends eras. Through her raw thoughts & genuine anthems, Molly has embraced the changes in her life. From the unexpected passing of her father & the turbulent ending of a five-year relationship, Molly’s music serves as a vehicle for finding one’s voice and discovering the light within. And lastly on the song, is Win and Woo, a Chicago-bred production duo composed of Austin Woo and Nick Winholt, two friends who have been creating music together for over ten years. Walking the line of dance and pop music, they always aim to create something that withstands the constant ebbs and flows of musical trends. Easy to listen to, yet exciting enough to experience, their music lets the listener be in control. Together, the duo have garnered over 150+ million streams, and performed at countless shows and music festivals. The endless memories they’ve created along the way is what has gotten them to the point where they’re at today. The three artists combined take the listener on an epic journey — ‘TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL,‘ out now on CloudKid!