whatyoudid. SuperVillain Origin Story
Release Date 24/10/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents whatyoudid. - SuperVillain Origin Story

A rousing blend of mid-tempo bass music and rock, occasionally coupled with Zimmer-eque orchestral and hip hop influences, London-based whatyoudid. shares the last track of his trio of records for CloudKid, entitled, ‘SuperVillain Origin Story.’  

Jack, aka, whatyoudid. says, “The song is a narrative on how our world is moving in the wrong direction – the civil unrest we’ve found ourselves in, the rise of alt-right politics due to misinformation, and the societal obsession with image, wealth and social status. It’s about when you’ve tried everything possible to take the high ground, but you’re sick and tired of losing, so the only option is to stop caring, and become a ‘villain’ to it all. Quotable lines include // ‘how do you expect me to care when the love’s all gone and the trust ain’t there’ & // ‘I’m not just another vocal Instagram, addicted poser with my six-pack, white teeth, range rover.’ //

»Our world is moving in the wrong direction...«

Inspired by Illenium, Blanke, Bipolar Sunshine, NGHTMRE, Zhu and Grandson on the next release with CloudKid, UK-based artist, whatyoudid. cites, for the final time, the infamous line that will become the basis of this steadily growing artist project that many will stay curious about given its secretive, clandestine nature: he says, “It’s not about what you said, it’s about whatyoudid.” His last track of the series, SuperVillain Origin Story, out now! Stay tuned for what’s up next!