Stileto Sugar, We're Goin Down
Release Date 10/09/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto - Sugar, We're Goin Down

The edgy, rock ‘n poptronic duo are back with a song many listeners reveled in during their pop-punk, emo days, ‘Sugar, Were Goin Down.’ Though the pair normally feature artists on their tracks, their latest is entirely sung and produced as their own. Inspired by Fall Out Boy, the artist they are paying homage to, and the triumphant vocals of their lead singer, Patrick Stump, Stileto matches the vocals almost perfectly on their version of the song.

They say, “We really wanted to do this cover and worked a lot of the vocals to emulate the original. We did this song to gear ourselves up and get ready to hopefully do live shows. Sure, we can do a DJ set, but we can also play guitar and other instruments and really want to do more than stand on stage and get people hyped.”

»We worked a lot of the vocals to emulate the original. «

Not keen on sticking to production only, both Rob and Isaiah of Stileto want to bring their music and social presence to the next level. But that can only happen if their music stays at top standard and a top priority. Inspired by a range of artists from Skrillex, to Panic! at the Disco and Timbaland, it’s clear to see why Stileto’s sound instantly resonates, while still feeling fresh in 2021 amongst so much other music. Having released their debut EP, Dead Or Alive, this year, the duo have already amassed over 6M streams on Spotify, over 8M views on Youtube, as well as being recognized by Spotify’s Rocktronic Editorial playlist.

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