Release Date 24/04/2023
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CloudKid Presents Apollo On The Run - Sugar (feat. Georgina Black)

Apollo On The Run is back with another electrifying release, that is sure to set the streets of Gotham City on fire. This time, the track features the powerful and emotional vocals of Georgina Black, adding a new dimension to the music of the UK singer and producer. “Sugar” is the latest addition to Apollo On The Run’s impressive discography, and it’s a track that’s sure to get your heart racing. Georgina Black’s vocals are the perfect complement to the edgy beats and dark synths that define Jordan’s signature sound. The lyrics of the song are equally captivating, as they explore the theme of infidelity and the complicated emotions that come with it.

Georgina Black says, “Sugar” is about your partner being unfaithful, but you know the other person doesn’t want anything from them other than sugar…and neither do you. The song’s lyrics are both poignant and relatable, as they speak to the universal experience of heartbreak and betrayal.”    

»It's one that is sure to get your heart racing.«

Just a few months ago, Apollo On The Run — real name Jordan Round — dropped his debut single with CloudKid, featuring Eurovision Song contestant TEYA. Since then, he has been making quite a name for himself, his unique blend of dark pop, distorted guitars and electronic music already being well-received by audiences worldwide. He’s also already landed Editorial lists on Spotify, making it clear that his music is resonating with audiences. With every new release, he is raising the bar even higher. Alongside him on the track does Georgina Black also hold that testament of musical prowess that makes this song one to remember.