Daniel Allan Stay The Night
Release Date 24/09/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Daniel Allan - Stay The Night

Wonder-producer Daniel Allan brings his lush synths and unique drops to our ears once again in the shape of his latest single ‘Stay The Night’. Still championing his very own signature ‘pop that slaps’ sound, the single taps into the exact feel-good vibes we all need right now… plus a little more energy for good measure. With 2020 being full of uncertainty, at least we can be sure that if Daniel Allan is on the speakers, people will be staying the night. He explains:

“Stay The Night is about making the first move after meeting someone special at a party. The song touches on the impatience you feel waiting for a moment that seems long overdue… even if you haven’t even introduced yourself yet. As a wallflower at most parties, I’ve seen so many encounters end because neither person wants to take that leap. When the energy is right; a little confidence can go a long way”

»it's about making the first move after meeting someone special«

Having grown up listening to an evolving range of genres – from classic rock to hiphop, and from dubstep to indie pop – it’s clear that Daniel Allan’s sound is a tasty melting pot, the sum of all his musical influences. Whether it’s the bouncy pop melodies, the hiphop percussion, or the glitchy-style production, it’s all mixed in there tastefully. With so much inspiration and passion for his music, Allan’s creativity has been running high since the very inception of the project. Now multiple singles in, his talent has been rapidly recognized through editorial support from Spotify’s Fresh finds, Indie Pop Chillout & Weekend Hangout, as well as spotlighted by the likes of MrSuicideSheep, Lyrical Lemonade and This Song Is Sick. Join the hype and check out ‘Stay The Night’ on Cloudkid now.