Stileto State Of Mind (feat. Mason Musso)
Release Date 18/09/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto - State Of Mind (feat. Mason Musso)

The electrifying duo – Stileto – are back on the scene with their well awaited single ‘State of Mind’. Living up to the high expectations set by their debut single ‘cravin’ early this year, ‘State of Mind’ sees them raise the bar even higher – on this occasion bringing on board the powerful and renowned vocals of Mason Musso (Metro Station) and setting out to create something unique. Indeed, its reminiscent undertones of the early 2000’s emo synth pop scene, mixed with today’s fresh electronic production, makes for a track that is simply irresistible to the ears.

They explain: “Mason (Metro Station) and Isaiah (½ Stileto) met over a decade ago while co-writing and producing a song for Mason’s younger brother, Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana). Fast forward 10 years later, Rob asked Joey, who he met in Boston years ago, to write lyrics and melody for State Of Mind. The song is open to the listeners interpretation whether that be an unsettled relationship or the state of society”

»The song is open to the listeners interpretation«

It’s clear that the combined talent and years of songwriting by both members has culminated nicely into what Stileto has to offer today. Bringing in sounds from all genres and influences from all eras is what today’s music scene is all about, and Stileto seem to have perfected this recipe. Listen to ‘State of Mind’ now.

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