updog spearhead
Release Date 13/03/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog - spearhead

updog cranks up the amp with his latest soaring single ‘spearhead’. Putting the ‘rock’ into his explosive electro-rock sound, the track kicks things off and runs with one of the most infectious guitar riffs we’ve heard in some time. Layered with punchy vocals, an anthemic chorus and tasty guitar solos – ‘spearhead’ is one of those songs you didn’t know you needed, but can’t stop listening to it now that you have it.  Inevitably leaving you wanting more, updog answers back by announcing the release of his forthcoming EP ‘balloon boy‘. Encapsulating his entire artist journey one year since starting to write music, and including past favourite singles such as ‘goodbye‘ and ‘dying breath‘ – ‘balloon boy‘ is already lining up to take a special spot in your heart.

When it comes to spearhead, updog explains: “It’s pretty much a fight with myself; I’m going back and forth with my inner devil vs angel. In this case, spearhead is just a metaphor for how your inner demons tend to ‘spearhead’ your life choices and decisions”. “The whole process was so fun, quick and effortless to write; especially going back to my early ‘classic rock’ inspired roots”.

»back and forth with my inner devil vs angel«

The energy in ‘spearhead’ emits one of those feelings you can only really get through music. You press play on this track and you feel invincible, ready to conquer the day and to say “fuck off” to all those inner demons feeding off your self-doubt. The brains behind the song – updog, is naturally all about facing up to those flaws and insecurities; and it’s with ‘spearhead’ where we hear him encapsulate that feeling perfectly. 

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