Release Date 13/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Lani Daye & Silent Child - snooze

Energetic, moody and vibey are the ways newcomer to CloudKid, Lani Daye, describes his third track on the label in the run up to his release of his first EP ever, ‘ghost town.‘ On this third song, ‘snooze,’ the singer-songwriter laments about being tired of working a dead end job that has nothing to do with his interests or what he wants to really do, which is work on his music. Together on the track, he works with CloudKid veteran, producer and his IRL roommate, Silent Child.

Lani says, “You know that feeling when you’d much rather stop your alarm and sleep in. You’d rather chase your dreams or at least fantasize about them in your dreams then wake up to the reality of your life? That feeling of being tired of working a job that has nothing to do with your actual interests or passions in your life? That’s what ‘snooze‘ is about.”

»You'd rather chase your dreams...«

Lani Daye is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer keen to blend elements of alternative, pop and hip-hop into his own unique sound. His first release, “Hate U/Miss U,” appeared on popular electronic music label Monstercat, garnering over 200k streams. He has since worked alongside artists such as HNST, Eden and Silent Child — whom he works with as the producer on this track — and aims to continue genre-bending and producing his original music that will help others feel seen, heard and understood. His next release with CloudKid, ‘snooze‘ out now!