Society of Villains Smoke & Trouble
Release Date 27/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Society of Villains - Smoke & Trouble

American ensemble known as Society of Villains release their first track on CloudKid; a track that carries a dark alt-rock edge with EDM elements and powerful vocal performances. It stands as a villainous anthem that provides each listener with an outlet for their fiendish energy.

Sam says about the song, “When I was writing this song, I really wanted to dive into the feeling of someone who is almost possessed with the feelings of chaos and unable to function without a little trouble. I relate to this lyric often, when authority tries to come down on me, I often buck back. I have a lot of Smoke & Trouble in my veins.”

»I have a lot of smoke & trouble in my veins...«

Founded in 2023 from merciless treachery, Villain Søciety was spawned. With a hunger for revenge swimming through their veins, these self-professed villains bred their collective musical tastes into a dark alt rock infused evil brew. The super insidious group is made up of viral artist Sam Tinnesz and the multi-platinum producers Ian Brendon Scott and Mark Jackson. This first EP is dripping with villainous anthems that will undoubtedly stir up skeletons in the closet while also giving every listener an outlet for their fiendish energy. The mix of Ian and Mark’s riotous production with Sam’s sinister vocals is enough to wake the dead of any era. Their first single ‘Smoke & Trouble,’ out on CloudKid!