XARMS Sleeping Naked
Release Date 08/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents XARMS - Sleeping Naked

Newcomers to the label, XARMS releases their next single — their first with CloudKid — an 80s Depeche Mode inspired song that boasts a modern sound design and intense drop and soaring bass, with vocals that are both sultry and mysterious, on ‘Sleeping Naked.

The band says of the track, “We were inspired by many artists with this song — Depeche Mode is an obvious one, Jamie xx, Crosses, Moderat, and Kanye West. The song and the title was actually a phrase our lead singer came up with while spending time with his girlfriend during winter blackouts in Kiev. The line popped into his head and he wanted it to be used for the song as the hook. The song is about that fresh feeling you get while looking at how the person you love and cherish the most is completely trusting you, that feeling of standing bare in front of each other, not being embarrassed at all; it’s a song about how you love watching how your significant other sleeps, the dimmed feeling of calmness and happiness after spending a night together. It’s about that freedom from all the trouble just because you two are together.”  

»...the dimmed feeling of calmness and happiness after spending a night together.«

Kyiv-bred, Berlin-based XARMS (pronounced “Harms“) is a trio of producers formed in Ukraine during the war in 2022. The band’s sound refines the main features of electronic music, with heavy drops with roaring basses, slightly ringing industrial drums, calming vocals, dark vibes and not your usual dance grooves spread throughout. Members Andrey “Jandy,” Denis “Nakiiid” Romaniuk and Ivan ‘Taiga,’ have all been involved in producing music for various artists across Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the USA and have more than 15 years of working experience in the musical industry. Ivan and Denis were friends for 10 years before meeting Andrey ‘Jandy.’ Eventually, they all started jamming together, using Andrey’s drafts that he had written while living in New York. Those drafts then developed into actual songs, with vocals recorded at the studio where Ivan worked. After a few live shows — honing in on the sound and current set-up — the band grew in popularity and released their first single ‘Used’ while still in Ukraine, before eventually deciding to settle in Berlin full-time. And this is only rhe beginning. Their next song, ‘Sleeping Naked,’ out now on CloudKid!  

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