Stileto Skull n Bones
Release Date 28/04/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto - Skull n Bones

Stileto are back with another hard-hitting track that is sure to get heads banging, “Skull n Bones.” What sets this song apart is its unique blend of elements mixing sultry country, raw rock vocals, and electronic music, making it an intense and unique experience for audiences of all listening backgrounds.

They say of the song, “The song is about retribution, endurance, and hope. The story can have many interpretations, which makes it all the more interesting.” ‘Skull n Bones’ is also testament to the group’s musical abilities and their willingness to experiment with sounds, vocals and genres.

»It's about retribution.«

Stileto made an impactful entry into the scene with their unmissable debut single ‘Cravin.’ The LA-based duo – composed of Robert Bressler and Isaiah Vest – kicked things off with such a track that did not shy off from showing what they were all about. On their debut EP “Dead Or Alive,” the duo has since been making waves with CloudKid’s audience as well as outside of it. They have consistently proven their mettle by delivering consistently good music, blending their transcendental electronic production with heavy guitar riffs, that have, time and again, given listeners sexy and ‘in your face’ sounds that has warranted them as an artist to keep both eyes out for. Their next single, ‘Skull n Bones,’ out NOW!

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