Besomorph Six Feet Deep (feat. Neoni)
Release Date 29/05/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Besomorph - Six Feet (feat. Neoni)

Besomorph’s cascade of unmissable singles continues the flow with his latest single ‘Six Feet Deep’. Joining forces with the dark electro-pop sisters Neoni on this occasion, the track fuses both artists beautifully to produce a fresh alternative sound and truly shed some light on their artistic hallmarks. Besomorph’s signature dark melodicism grips you into the track’s journey, while Neoni’s energetic vocals and bold harmonies layer the journey with a ton of attitude and purpose. Explaining the meaning behind the track and their artistic project, Neoni explain:

“Six Feet Deep is about fighting until the end. It’s about refusing to give up no matter what you’re facing or who is questioning your ability to overcome. It’s about putting absolutely everything on the line and dedicating every ounce of yourself and your energy to achieving your goals” “No matter what they’re facing; fears, doubts, anxieties, you’re never facing them alone. So we write our music about things that scare us. We write about our moments of victory, our moments of defeat, the days we fight hard and the days we can’t seem to find the energy to go on. We write these songs and we share these vulnerabilities so we can all go out and face everyday knowing that we aren’t alone in what we’re feeling and that there’s nothing we can’t overcome when we stand together”

»It’s about refusing to give up no matter what you’re facing«

The sense of victory and empowerment described in Neoni’s artistic vision is everything and more ‘Six Feet Deep’ offers. Now onto their 3rd collaboration together, it’s clear that Besomorph’s production prowess comes in not only the form of immaculate sonic exploration, but also as a cornerstone for artists like Neoni to set their full picture into focus.  With both artists being relentlessly shared across the most influential places, including the likes of Spotify Editorial (Alternative Beats, New Rock, Hype, Main Stage), Trap Nation, MrSuicideSheep,, as well as multiple licenses across shows and sporting events – it’s clear to see that ‘Six Feet Deep’ is definitely one you don’t want to miss. 

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