Francis Novotny Someone I Wanted To Be
Release Date 19/02/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Francis Novotny - Someone I Wanted To Be

Francis Novotny’s latest single ‘Someone I Wanted To Be’ marks a highly commendable start to year in music for the young Swedish songwriter. Known for his beat-driven grooves and glitch-pop production style, ‘Someone I Wanted To Be’ strips it all back on this occasion. Delicately composed by an emotional piano progression, Novotny’s vocals take-center stage, inevitably gripping you for the next blissful 3 minutes of your life; combined with a build-up of harmonies and atmospheric synths, the track leads to nothing short of an ethereal experience.

This song has been with me for some time and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it out. The meaning is pretty strong and direct: it’s about love and regret; but also about how as you grow older and get more ballsy, you can get a different perspective on things you did in the past

»It's about love and regret«

Someone I Wanted To Be’ shines a new light into Francis Novotny’s artistic landscape of sound, while remaining true to his artistic vision of “taking the listener on a journey” through his cinematic and story-telling music. With previous spotlight from blogs such as Complex, ThisSongIsSick,, among multiple editorial support, Novotny continues to be one to keep a lookout for.