HUDSUN Shutdown
Release Date 15/04/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents HUDSUN - Shutdown

Rising sensation HUDSUN sends us on an emotional rollercoaster with his latest single ‘Shutdown’. Building up from an eerie lo-fi verse into a bursting chorus of guitar riffs and raw vocals, HUDSUN wastes no time in showing us what he’s all about. Already shaping his very own soul-infused rocktronic soundscape, ‘Shutdown’ becomes the stellar example of the eclectic mix of influences, melodies and textures composed by the young British writer behind the project – Sam Hudson. He explains:

Shutdown is a story about someone who has overloaded their brain with so much worry and stress that they have essentially ‘shutdown’ in the same way a computer may do when it becomes overused and overheated. The lyrics are spoken from a person who is witnessing someone go through this shutdown phase and is desperate to get them out of it. The line “No matter what I say, you could be half the world away” refers to how distant someone can appear and nothing you say to them seems to register. Every lyric, in fact, is a plea or frustration in attempt to break someone out of the prison they have created for themselves. Isolation, self-preservation, defensiveness are all themes throughout the track”.

»Every lyric is a plea in attempt to break someone out of the prison they have created for themselves«

Beyond the catchy hooks and roaring vocals, HUDSUN stands on a building block of honesty and relatability – taking music as an opportunity to speak about matters that people experience on a daily basis – whether that be feelings of isolation, love, lust, hate or even sometimes just getting drunk and having a good time. Now releasing on Cloudkid, this artistic direction grows even stronger. Listen to ‘Shutdown’ now.