Ally Ahern SEXYCRY
Release Date 15/02/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Ally Ahern - SEXYCRY

CloudKid welcomes new signee — Los Angeles-based Ally Ahern — to the label and her first single with us, ‘SEXYCRY!’ Fiercely energetic, boisterous and giving us the ‘hot, pop girl vibes,’ listeners want and need, she invites us to her alt-pop, glam rock world of sensitive, yet ferocious storytelling that she hopes anyone can resonate with.

She says, “This song was inspired by a sort of imaginary scenario or persona that [I] wanted to create of a girl who has unwavering confidence, despite being in a messy relationship. It’s about being in a place of power in that relationship, and honestly knowing that that person is probably more into you than you are to them, but that they’ll still be there even if you, let’s say ghost them for a little while, or go off and do your own thing. It’s a bit toxic I realize, but it happens all the time, because love that is completely requited is hard to come by and feels unnatural/unusual sometimes.”

»It's a bit toxic I realize, but it happens all the time.«

Close your eyes, peer into the future and you will see a strange, pig-tailed girl named Ally dressed in the brightest colors in the crayon box. Ally’s music acts as her own personal, yet public diary, ranging from breaking her mother’s rib during childbirth to getting expelled from middle school to overcoming late-stage Lyme disease. Much like her life experience, her artistry sits somewhere between a soap opera and a surreal comedy. Her music has the energy of a tween on a sugar rush and the perspective of your older, wiser grandma sharing advice on her front porch. With Ally’s entrancing voice and the multitude of instruments that she tickles – drums, piano and guitar – she sets the rulebook on fire and fuses genres together. Wrapping her stories in humorous lyrics and catchy melodies, she encourages those willing to risk normalcy and embrace their inner misfit. Aside from her own project, Ally has written songs for global superstars such as Kylie Minouge, Apink and Tove Stryke, as well as releasing collaborations with DJs such as LVNDSCAPE, Firebeatz and Lodato. Her first release with CloudKid, ‘SEXYCRY,’ out NOW!