Paper Idol Seen This All Before
Release Date 21/05/2021
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CloudKid Presents Paper Idol - Seen This All Before

Paper Idol continues his dance-delusional journey to the Mania Days EP (out June 25th), with the penultimate piece of the puzzle ‘Seen This All Before’ – a track that highlights perfectly what makes the LA-based indie-electro producer so special. Notably, his consistent ability to mix quirky electronic synth and production, with underlying alternative melodies and grooves. You think you’ve heard it all before? Well, not quite like this. 

Paper Idol explains:  I wrote ‘Seen This All Before’ as a form of therapy. If you’re having issues with someone, you’re supposed to write them a letter but never send it. As I was doing the exercise, the song came to me and I immediately opened my laptop to record. I got the vocals in one or two takes and actually wrote half the lyrics mid-recording. That’s why I repeat so many words in the second verse! I kept the production simple and playful to match the childlike, delusional story.”

»I wrote 'Seen This All Before' as a form of therapy«

Setting out to create a musical antidote for a generation bombarded by reality and desperate for an escape, Paper Idol’s formula is evidently something that we all need. And now, as the storyline toward the Mania Days EP nears its finale – following tracks like Clouds, Tightrope and James Bond – we realise that we are already deep deep within the journey.  Backed multiple times by various Spotify editorial’s including Metropolis, Alternative Beats, Creamy, Indie Brandneu, Happy Dance, at least we see the antidote working. Get your dose of Paper Idol with ‘Seen This All Before’ on Cloudkid now.