Release Date 23/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Georgina Black - SCREAM

Georgina Black’s most recent release, “SCREAM,captures the very essence of suspense and tension reminiscent of the climactic moments in a horror film. This track seamlessly blends dark, cinematic, and experimental elements, resulting in a truly eerie sonic experience.

She says of the track,“I drew inspiration for this song from the first movie of the Scream franchise, a film that I fondly refer to as my favorite. The entire track is narrated from the viewpoint of Sidney Prescott, the main character. The lyrics are taunting with lyrics like, //”People think I’m playing with a ghost in fancy dress.” .// As an easter egg, I added a famous quote from the movie for all the diehard SCREAM fans.”

»The track is based on my favorite film.«

Guitar driven dark pop with a scary finish, UK-based Georgina Black is ready to show the world that her music will make a lasting impression, and become testament of her future musical prowess. In doing so, she hopes to give alternative-pop a new brand name with her Halloween-infused themes, alongside her guitar driven tracks, that capture her vocals, but also her storytelling, her songs spanning across different topics that go further than her love for horror movies. Starting out under her legal name, Georgina has been performing and writing since the age of 13, with artists such as Avril Lavigne and FLETCHER being able to give her the guidance to shape her sound. Her next release on CloudKid, ‘SCREAM,‘ out now!