updog saw a ghost
Release Date 27/08/2021
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CloudKid Presents updog - saw a ghost

updog is back at it, constantly spitting out new music, with what might be the “silliest” track on his EP. ‘saw a ghost is a song any listener can relate to, considering it tells the tale of one night on the couch, watching a scary film, with some popcorn to accompany the evening. With its quirky lyrics and bright melody, despite the song’s fearful meaning and accompanying story, it feels cozy and uplifting, the general essence updog wants to portray on his forthcoming EP.

The energy that’ll be unlocked on the ‘skellies’  EP will be quirky and weird, albeit fun, yet deeply personal. With ‘saw a ghost,’ however, the thematic seriousness is made a bit lighter. He says, “I’m trying not to take myself so seriously as I have in the past. This song is just about this one time where I saw a really scary movie and convinced myself that the events were really happening to me. Not much more to it; it was mostly me being paranoid one evening.” In retrospect, updog says the film that inspired the writing for the song was actually “really good,” but does not reveal which one it was.

»I convinced myself that these events were happening to me. «

updog’s path to reinvention has taken a brave new road. This is as updog as he has ever been, even as he maneuvers between genres, incorporating voice-acting and other music-bending sensibilities. Already orbited and continuously recognized by Spotify Editorial, leading YouTube music curators (MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Nightblue), as well as features on Hilly Dilly, Magnetic Mag and CULTR – it’s safe to say that updog continues to keep us intrigued by his ever-evolving stories and sound.

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