Jake Daniels Save Ya
Release Date 02/02/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - Save Ya

New York-based singer-songwriter, Jake Daniels, is back with his next single, ‘Save Ya,’ the track featuring a powerful electric guitar and bass sounds, creating a dark and angry atmosphere that complements the songs apocalyptic narrative.

Jake says about the track, “This song is about the life of a lone outlaw navigating a desolate, apocalyptic world. The track delves into the consequences of past misdeeds, painting a picture of a character struggling with their own choices in a land consumed by shadows.”  

»an apocalyptic world...«

Dark pop and alternative artist, Jake Daniels was born and raised in a small city in upstate New York. Raised with musically gifted parents and siblings, Jake’s journey began early in his life, and today that journey has garnered a few more companions to accompany him. With hundreds of millions of views and streams, spots on the top pop and alternative charts in his region, having only released music since 2019, Jake has amassed a strong online presence across the world, due to his relatable lyrics and story-driven songwriting. His most viral and cinematic track “Two Face”  jolted his career, when Youtube’s animation and Gacha community welcomed it with open arms, making him go from small town hero to global spectacle in a matter of months. Jake’s musical voice and stories are meant to give listeners an escape from reality, presenting them with an open-world style setting, letting their minds wander freely while ignoring, though only for a bit, the real world. His music is for every type of listener and has no borders. He says of his artistry, “My music is meant to be your story. You’re the author. I’m just providing you with a starting point.”