BB Cooper Save Me
Release Date 26/04/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents BB Cooper - Save Me

BB Cooper returns to CloudKid in a brand new world. The first track off of his Destination Unknown EP out later this summer, ‘Save Me,’ documents the longing and craving the narrator feels for someone he knows is not good for him. Encompassing the track is a four to the floor beat with a half time drop, guitars carrying the verses with a heavy bass heightening the chorus. 

BB Cooper says of the track, “I had a journey through this EP. It’s full of introspective lyrics, atmospheric sounds and a full narrative arc from start to finish. ‘Save Me‘ is all about longing and the desire you feel toward someone who is not suitable for you. It’s about the desire to just have one more ‘fix‘ of them to relieve you of the pain you’ve been experiencing. Even though you know ultimately it will harm you in the long run, you’d do anything just to get one more hit of them, as damaging as it may be.”

»...about longing and desire.«

BB Cooper is the criminal and musical mastermind — who hails from an undisclosed location — behind ‘Save Me.’  In an effort to undo some of his past misgivings, he has decided to give back to the world in the form of musical gifts, through song. Guitar-driven alternative pop rock, heavy drops, and catchy vocal hooks are the genetic makeup of BB’s signature sound. Many of Cooper’s lyrics are often personal in nature and reflect the turbulent journey he has traveled thus far. Having already garnered support on the debut track of his EP, ‘Blame’  by BBC Radio Introducing, as well as leading YouTube channels xKito, Galaxy Music and Aviencloud, it is clear that BB Cooper is ready to keep taking the world, and airwaves, by storm. This year, he once again invites listeners to get ready, grab a chute and strap in for another adventure with his latest single. We may never know where specifically he’ll end up next. ‘Save Me‘ out now!