IOVA Saved You
Release Date 27/07/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents IOVA - Saved You

Inspired by a range of artists and songs on this release — among them, Elderbrook, Bob Moses, TiĆ«sto and Lastlings — IOVA’s ‘Saved You‘ can be described as a a commercial dance hit waiting to happen. Sonically, the song mixes variations, yielding enough energy to encompass the ferocity of a club track and the subsequent vibrations one feels in that space, while also being radio friendly in its own right.    

IOVA says about the song, “‘Saved You’ is a song that exposes the reality of and the truth behind possessive love — the kind when one partner loves the other so much that they feel their love has saved the other person. In reality, the truth is that it all turns out to be a toxic relationship, and not helpful or salvaging to the other at all.”  

»It exposes the reality of possessive love.«

IOVA — real name Miruna Iova — is a singer-songwriter born and raised in a Romanian family of engineers. Despite her parents’ profession, she inherited both her singing and lyrical ability from her grandparents. With this upbringing, her passion for music finally caught up to her at the age of eleven when she started taking guitar and piano lessons. As a performer, IOVA has two sides that contribute to her personality — the human and the artist. IOVA is the exuberant expression of her human side. She says, “What makes me unique as an artist is the way I hear music and how it literally sounds in my head; the way my brain understands it and how my heart feels it and how I’m able to then perform it. From there, the rest comes naturally: the lyrics, the concept and the story.”

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