MERIT Sad Boy Savior
Release Date 03/04/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents MERIT - Sad Boy Savior

CloudKid welcomes Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer MERIT to the label. The artist spends her time between Germany and Cape Town, South Africa, but no matter where she is in the world, her music remains a constant. On ‘Sad Boy Savior,‘ she delivers an ethereal and intimate song, one that may hit close to home, but also overwhelms the listener with its intense, epic drop by the middle. When the song reaches its end however, it holds a mantra-like, minimalistic outro. MERIT has proven on ‘Sad Boy Savior‘ that she can effortlessly combine electronic pop as a genre while also incorporating dreamy, alternative elements into the mix as well.

She says of the song, “‘Sad Boy Savior’ deals with emotional independence, personal growth and self-love, expressing itself through the conscious decision of keeping one’s energy for oneself instead of investing it into saving someone. The term and title of the song came coincidentally out of a conversation with a good friend of mine. I was describing a special encounter that I’ve had with someone, when suddenly it slipped out of my mouth. What I meant by it was, that as much as I like this person that I’ve got to know, I can’t and don’t want to function as a carer in a dynamic that is clearly meant to be on eye level. Up until today, I don’t know where this flash of inspiration came from, but the song sat somewhere inside of me, just waiting for the right moment to make its official appearance in my brain. At the start, I had a very alternative production for the song in mind, so I pre-produced it myself and sent it to dontaskalex, a producer friend who I’ve worked on a couple of songs with already. The mastermind that he is came up with the tremolo idea for the chorus, which now makes up the whole identity of the song in my view.”  

»...the conscious decision of keeping one’s energy for oneself instead of investing it into saving someone.«

MERIT is a Berlin and Cape Town-based singer, songwriter and music producer. A mixture of alternative synth and electronic elements, pop-influences, intimate vocals and expressive lyrics make up her upcoming singles. She thrives to connect both – her musical and aesthetic visions – to one total artwork and to create a complete and encompassing mood around her releases. Her first single with CloudKid, ‘Sad Boy Savior,‘ out NOW!  

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