Kat Meoz Run Tonight
Release Date 04/11/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kat Meoz - Run Tonight

The swagger-rock star Kat Meoz stuns us once again with her electrifying new single ‘Run Tonight’. Continuing her recent exploration into more pop & electronic production, while still keeping true to her rock and guitar-based roots, the track shines the light on an artist that’s consistently pushing her badass sound to the max. Featuring her ever-present strong vocals, a ripping guitar riff and an upbeat chorus, ‘Run Tonight’ is one that’s going to make you dream and dance.

She explains: “Technically it’s a song written from the perspective of shooting stars. I think it’s also a love story, getting lost in the moment and finding a true connection with someone and running with it”

»it's written from the perspective of shooting stars«

Having already released a whole EP and two follow-up singles in 2020, it’s clear to see that the songwriter and talented guitarist is not done rocking our heads just yet. With the artistic vision of making music to make people feel like they can be loud and taking them to a place of euphoria, we can only hope there is more to come. Check out ‘Run Tonight’ on Cloudkid now.