William Bolton RUNNING AWAY
Release Date 01/04/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents William Bolton - RUNNING AWAY

New to the CloudKid family is Detroit-born, Los Angeles based, William Bolton, who share a very personal, intimate reality of a piece of his past life on ‘RUNNING AWAY.’ The tracks paints a full story of Bolton and his struggle with drug addiction. Accompanying — and offsetting – the difficult, yet cathartic lyricism is the grandiose, pop nature of the track, a sound that the artist typically doesn’t go toward, given his more soul, Motown roots. With such a big story, ‘RUNNING AWAY’ also feels huge and anthemic, even though it tells an emotional, individual story.    

Bolton uninhibitedly remarks of this personal track, “I’m currently 63 days sober, after almost dying from substance abuse. It was a three-year battle, and this song explores why I used drugs — to escape reality and run away from the voices in my head. Although I wasn’t yet sober when I wrote the song, it makes for a visceral representation of me being self-aware of the problem and what caused it. Quotables that tell the story, include, ‘woke up lying on the floor of a cheap hotel’ – ‘damn, I can’t do this anymore, I’m a stranger to myself,’ and of course, where the title comes from, ‘when things get hard, I’m RUNNING AWAY.'”

»It was a three-year battle, and this song explores why...«

William Bolton is a 27-year-old artist from Detroit, now based in Los Angeles. He began playing the guitar at age 10 and learned to produce and record his own songs in his parents basement. While attending Boston College, William started releasing songs on SoundCloud, gaining a dedicated internet fanbase and mentorship from music + tech mogul Ryan Leslie. After playing Firefly Music Festival and opening a 15 city Europe tour on tour supporting Hoodie Allen, Bolton relocated to Los Angeles, where he now lives and creates. He calls his music ‘electric soul,’ combining his Motown and rock roots with modern pop production. Bolton’s songs tell his story and struggles, and have already accumulated 60+ million streams across music platforms digitally.