updog Rock Solid
Release Date 10/08/2023
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CloudKid Presents updog - Rock Solid

On updog’s single, ‘Rock Solid,theartist shares the third track of his Kerosene Hearts EP, of which follows the artist on his struggle to process the breakup of a relationship, similarly equating them to the stages of grief.

He says of ‘Rock Solid,’  “With this song, we’re at the stage in a relationship fallout that’s completely and utterly quenched with frustration and anger. The narrator of these songs tries so hard to prove they are doing well and finds all the flaws in the other person, shaming and blaming them for their bad behaviour within the relationship, even though both the narrator and the listener know there’s more to the story than just that one side. The lyrics are powerful, sometimes harsh, describing the anger and resentment that the main character feels towards their ex-partner.”

»...blaming them for their bad behaviour.«

Drawing from his own life experiences, updog’s music is a testament to the power of vulnerability and raw emotion; an exploration of the complexities of the human condition, touching on themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. With, ‘Kerosene Hearts,’ updog takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride that comes with being a hopeless romantic, navigating their emotions at the end of, what was, an idealised and damaging relationship. The result is a body of work that is deeply personal and incredibly moving. As an artist, updog is committed to showcasing his authentic self to his audience, his work — he’s hopeful — acting as testament to the power of music to connect people and uplift the soul.

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