Stileto, Liza Pretend
Release Date 17/03/2023
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CloudKid Presents Stileto & Liza - Pretend

Los Angeles-based duo Stileto make a return this month with their next single, ‘Pretend,’ a rather upbeat track with a pop and electronic mix to it. In Stileto fashion, there’s an intense build up and a heavy, captivating drop that transports listeners inside the havoc of the dollhouse that hosts one of the world’s most famous couples: Barbie and Ken.    

American vocalist Liza, who is on the track with Stileto, says, “I wrote this song while I was balancing the morning rush of working at a coffee bar, writing lyrics, and recording voice memos in my free time. The song is about pretending that everything is perfect with someone. It’s written about a situation where one person is doing all of the things they would do in love, but the two people involved aren’t even officially together. Like, let’s pretend this could work out even though everything says it won’t.”  

»Let's pretend like this could work out...«

Stileto made an impactful entry into the scene with their unmissable debut single ‘Cravin.’ The LA-based duo – composed of Robert Bressler and Isaiah Vest – kicked things off with a track that did not shy off from showing what they were all about. Blending their transcendental electronic production with heavy guitar riffs, they have, time and again, given listeners sexy and ‘in your face’ tracks that has warranted them as a duo to keep both eyes out for. Alongside them on ‘Pretend,’ is American vocalist, Liza. Born in Washington State, she moved to California at just five years old. In her youth, she was very much involved in music with her father being a bit of a rockstar himself in Washington, her brothers being very musically talented, and her mother who always acted as a supportive mentor to her. Liza began writing poems once she moved to California and soon realized that she could pair them with music and create her own style of songs and sounds. Since then, she’s enjoyed writing & singing and aims to inspire listeners, reminding them that they’re not alone and can always find someone who can relate to them, whether through music, word, or sound.

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