Apollo On The Run PPV Hotel (feat. Cheska Moore)
Release Date 22/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Apollo On The Run - PPV Hotel (ft. Cheska Moore)

Next up from Apollo On The Run is a new single with London-based, Cheska Moore. On ‘PPV Hotel.‘ there’s a sense of a controlled chaos, a combination of alt-pop production intertwined with the intensity and distortion of metalcore. The song also shows moments where the listener might think they know where the song is about to lead to, instead descending into a wall of distorted guitars paired with sweet bubblegum-like vocals, to create a very ominous and seductive atmosphere.  

Cheska says of the song, “‘PPV Hotel’ is a fever dream confession of someone’s inner desires and fantasies. With uncensored honesty, the songs unravels the mind of someone that knows what they want, and isn’t afraid to lay it all bare. From the start the intention is clear, with an enticing vocal, inviting you into the fantasy. As the track slowly builds, it eludes to reaching the climax of the song, you are forced into a wall of distorted guitars as the song drops into a completely different genre and feeling. You are faced with the intensity of the confessions, delivered by a sweet butter-wouldn’t-melt vocal delivery, seducing you into that person’s inner world.”  

»It's a fever dream confession of someone's inner desires...«

Music from the heart of the original a British Gotham City, Apollo On The Run is the brainchild of UK producer and songwriter Jordan Round. Inspired by early 2000’s Deftones and Slipknot songs and sounds, and fused with modern pop, trap R&B like Santino, Le Saint and Doja Cat, these artists helped shape his vision for a fresh new sonic canvas for him. Obtaining over 35 million streams on his co-writes for other artists, Apollo is now showing the world his own unique, artistic vision. Also on the song is British-born Cheska Moore. Inspired by artists like UPSAHL, Billie Eilish, and Jesse Reyez, Cheska brings a fresh perspective to the music world. Her powerful vocals and deep lyrics create an emotional connection with her audiences, making her a rising star to watch out for. Sonically, her music offers a unique blend of moody, rebellious, and bass-heavy sounds with distorted elements, creating a distinct dark alt-pop style. Her songs tackle darker themes with honesty, exploring moments that people may not necessarily own up to, such as narcissism, sexuality and toxicity. Through her music, she hopes to make people feel understood and realize that these moments are the ones that make us human. Together they release ‘PPV Hotel’ out now on CloudKid!