Omido, Ex Habit PLEASE
Release Date 20/04/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Omido & Ex Habit - PLEASE

Omido and Ex Habit return with a new song on CloudKid, entitled ‘PLEASE.’ The track is sinful, lustful and brings a sensual dark pop vibe, for what listeners can now define as Ex Habit’s signature vocals and sound. Coupled with some raunchy lyricism, is a powerful, pre-chorus drop that is playful and made sonically more attractive via Omido’s grandiose, goosebump-inducing production — of which includes a steady piano melody in the background, and a striking guitar riff looming throughout. ‘PLEASE‘ is the perfect track for a spontaneous night drive out, for a movie scene secret between friends being revealed, and for, of course, a steamy session between undercover lovers that was always meant to happen.      

Ex Habit says of the song, “The song is about a secret relationship that’s built on mutual desire; that indescribable attraction that overpowers any sense or sign of logic. It’s drunk calling the person you know you really shouldn’t be calling just because you can’t resist. It’s dark, hot, right and wrong at the same time.” Omido adds, “The song perfectly describes the back and forth dynamic of a sinful relationship. You know it’s not right, but it can’t be that wrong if it feels that good, right?” 

»It's about that attraction that overpowers any sign of logic. «

Inspired by the likes of The Weeknd, Labrinth, Brent Faiyaz, & Two Feet to name a few, Ex Habit describes his music as sad, sensual and exactly the right vibe to listen to during sex. “Think of the times you had a nasty break-up, but then got back together, to then find yourself in a lustful, semi-toxic relationship with a vast range of different emotions.” From the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows — that is the sound Ex Habit wants to embody, manoeuvring listeners on a joyride of dark, neon, sexy, intimate, mysterious, depressing and euphoric sentiments alongside interesting, and larger than life production — this time with Austrian producer and DJ, Omido, who independently released his EP ‘Love, Sex, Drama​’ and focus single ‘​LSD​’, last year, which had successfully amassed 10+ million views on YouTube and another 2+ million over digital streaming platforms worldwide. Together, both Omido & Ex Habit release ‘PLEASE’ on CloudKid!


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