Apollo On The Run Play Pretend (feat. TEYA)
Release Date 19/01/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Apollo On The Run - Play Pretend (feat. TEYA)

Apollo On The Run makes a dynamic return, joining forces with Eurovision star TEYA to release “Play Pretend,”  a confrontational, alt-pop track that circles all the emotions of having to appease someone you can’t stand.

They say about the song, “This track is about the resentment you feel when having to fake a smile’ for the person you dread seeing every day. Throughout the track, you can hear the frustration building up until the breaking point, which results in a feeling of defeat and giving into the game of playing pretend.”

»having to fake a smile...«

Music from the heart of the original Gotham City, Apollo On The Run is the brainchild of UK producer and songwriter Jordan Round. Inspired by early 2000’s Deftones and Slipknot songs and sounds, and fused with modern pop, trap R&B like Santino, Le Saint and Doja Cat, these artists helped shape his vision for a fresh new sonic canvas for him. Obtaining over 35 million streams on his co-writes for other artists, Apollo, real name Jordan Round, is now showing the world his own artistic vision. Austrian vocalist, TEYA is the featured artist on the track. When she was 12 years old, the athlete-turned-singer left her tennis career to pursue music. Apart from playing the saxophone in a jazz orchestra, she says it was her theatre experience that made her confident and ready for the stage. Down the line, she began writing her own songs and working in proper music studios. In 2020, TEYA officially became a songwriter for other artists, frequenting songwriting camps for dance music, where she wrote a song for pop star Alexandra Stan, and Eurovision camps. Her edgy pop sound, red & black aesthetic and sharp, direct songwriting is now an established part of TEYA in the music scene and she’s ready to put herself center stage.

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