Release Date 19/02/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - pinball

The dark trap-pop talent Joseph Feinstein gets intricate and playful with his latest single ‘pinball’ – the lead single ahead of his second EP ‘perpetuum mobile pt.2‘ (out 19.03.2021). Exploring a more haunting and eerie soundscape than ever before, the young songwriter and producer from Berlin really explores some new dimension on this single. Really homing into his unique way with traditional oriental and asian instruments on this occasion, his sound is quickly becoming genre-defining and refreshingly different from everything out there.

He explains: This project stands for the darkest and most vulnerable corners of my mind. This project represents my truest self so far. My goal is for the listener to let go, fall into the tracks and visit places they usually avoid. Places that are haunted and those let you be arrogant enough to let out what’s inside of you and be okay with what you’re going through

»This project represents my truest self so far«

Venturing into only his second year of the project, there is still plenty of talent and sonic exploration to uncover from an artist that clearly likes to switch things up a bit. Already boasting 1M streams on Spotify – including editorial placement on Dance Brandneu, as well as support from the likes of MrSuicideSheep and Trap Nation – it’s clear to see that he’s only getting started. Listen to ‘pinball’ on Cloudkid now.