Solina people pleaser
Release Date 11/09/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Solina - people pleaser

Finnish newcomer Solina’s first single, ‘people pleaser,’ debuting on CloudKid, is an ambient groovy track with a dark core. The single incorporates orchestral and old rock ballad elements creating an end product that is captivating and powerful.

Solina says, “This track is an intimate and powerful introspection. It serves as a wake-up call to anyone who is a people pleaser. I realised by not voicing my true thoughts and feelings I was essentially manipulating and deceiving others and ultimately myself. The songs lyrics point the message to the listener hopefully creating space for reflection and empowerment.”  

»I was deceiving others & ultimately myself. «

Solina is a 22-year old singer-songwriter hailing from Finland. With musical roots tracing back to her early years, she immersed herself in the rich tradition of Finnish folk songs and composed her first song at the age of five. The ensuing years saw a dedicated commitment to honing in on her craft, including a decade-long exploration of jazz piano, backed by formal education, which adds an intricate layer to her artistic repertoire. Her first single with CloudKid, ‘people pleaser,’ out now!

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