Daniel Allan Peanut Butter (feat. Perrin Xthona)
Release Date 19/08/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Daniel Allan - Peanut Butter (ft. Perrin Xthona)

The quirky producer and beat maker – Daniel Allan – satisfies our auditory pallets once again with his latest bouncy single Peanut Butter (ft. Perrin Xthona). Very much like the spread, the track is the perfect accompaniment to your daily jam and will very likely be sticking in your head all day. Experimenting with different synth lines, hip hop elements and fun off-beat melodies, Peanut Butter is full of the usual surprising elements that keeps Allans’ music constantly exciting. Adding yet another level of goodness, the smooth and witty lyrics of Perrin Xthona lend themselves perfectly to the dreamy touch of the track.

Daniel Allan explains:  “Peanut Butter is a song about the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship, where all you want to do is spend as much time with your new person, and you’re clingy in the cutest way. The writing on this track was partly inspired by quarantine; there’s nothing else to do this Summer, so why not chill together every day? It’s the perfect sequel to Insomnia… a version of the story where the late night thoughts and carefulness has turned into spending time together”

»The writing on this track was partly inspired by quarantine«

Having grown up listening to an evolving range of genres – from classic rock to hiphop, and from dubstep to indie pop – it’s clear that Daniel Allan’s sound is a melting pot, the sum of all his musical influences. Whether it’s the bouncy pop melodies, the hiphop percussion, or the glitchy-style production, it’s all mixed in there tastefully. Already reaching over 1M streams within his first year, including editorial support from Spotify’s Fresh finds, Indie Pop Chillout & Weekend Hangout, and recognition from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and This Song Is Sick  it’s pretty clear that his infectious sound is doing the rounds. Check out Peanut Butter on Cloudkid now.