Mickey Valen Overthinking (feat. Mothica)
Release Date 11/12/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mickey Valen - Overthinking (ft. Mothica)

Mickey Valen’s production prowess and Mothica’s dazzling vocals & story-telling join forces for an epic electro-pop collaboration on ‘Overthinking’. Safe to say, this is a track you won’t be overthinking the next time someone passes over the aux-cord. Doused in the artists’ signature edgy and hard-hitting pop sound, the track serves up a tasty platter full of catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and an unparalleled vibe that will be knocking around your head for days. Narrating a situation we’re all too familiar with, Mothica sings:

used to be my lullaby, now you keep me up Maybe i’m not over you I’m just overthinking about you it’s so overdue after everything we’ve been through I thought you left my mind at least a thousand times i’m not over you but i’m over overthinking about you

»i’m not over you, but i’m over overthinking about you«

Following the continuous rise from both artists during the past years – including Valen’s latest unmissable EP ‘Above | Below’ and Mothica’s TikTok and chart-topper single ‘Vices’ – ‘Overthinking’ feels like the perfect ending and climax to both their 2020. With combined previous features from the likes of Spotify Editorial: Viral Hits, It’s A Bop, Pop Sauce, Mint; Apple Editorial: Pop Deluxe, Breaking Pop, Future Sounds; as well as support from leading animation and music YouTube channels, ‘Overthinking’ is certainly one to keep an eye out for. Check it out on Cloudkid now.

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