updog overthink
Release Date 16/07/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - overthink

By now, listeners are well aware of what updog’s MO is all about. The Copenhagen-based musician’s artistry revolves around authenticity and honesty, bravely acknowledging and putting his most vulnerable self out there, while encouraging others to do the same. It is pretty clear what the theme of his latest release, “overthink,” off of his upcoming EP, “skellies,” is focused on, too. Within the lyrics, he rationalizes one of human nature’s most powerful emotions — fear — by dissecting his thinking patterns and ruminating thoughts, even while in the midst of an existential crisis.

“I think I say ‘overthink’ at least 50 times in this song, so we can all take a certain guess at what the subject matter is about… don’t overthink it! This song, like the EP, is quirky, weird, fun, playful, and most importantly… 100% me.”

»We can all take a certain guess at what the subject matter is about.«

updog’s path to reinvention has taken a brave new road. This is as updog as he has ever been, even as he maneuvers between genres, incorporating voice-acting and other music-bending sensibilities. Already orbited and continuously recognized by Spotify Editorial, leading YouTube music curators (MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Nightblue), as well as features on Hilly Dilly, Magnetic Mag and CULTR – it’s safe to say that updog continues to keep us intrigued by his ever-evolving stories and sound.

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