Release Date 13/11/2020
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CloudKid Presents Neoni - OUTLAW

The Neoni sisters show off their bold vocals, harmonies and catchy hooks once again with the release of their latest single ‘OUTLAW‘. Breaking away from any genre constraints, the two artists explore their usual dark pop, rock and electronic fusion to blent it all blended into a track that oozes attitude and swagger into your day. Indeed, initially setting out to “write music to connect people and make them feel brave”, Neoni have 100% done this once again… think of it as an anthem to your most heroic and bad-ass moments.

They explain:  “Life is full of so much pressure. Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in other people’s expectations. Everybody has an opinion on how you look, how you dress, what you should think, how you should act, how you should feel, etc.. Outlaw is about shutting out all of the noise, letting go of the pressure, all the expectations and just trusting yourself and your vision. Outlaw is rebellious, it’s defiant, it’s about choosing your own path and going after your goals no matter what anyone else says… We write these songs and we share these vulnerabilities so we can all go out and face everyday knowing that we aren’t alone in what we’re feeling and that there’s nothing we can’t overcome when we stand together”

»it’s about choosing your own path and going after your goals no matter what«

Building their presence and fanbase with multiple singles across 2020, including recent collaborations with the likes of Layto (Ghost Town) and Besomorph (Six Feet Deep), ‘OUTLAW‘ feels like the climax of their journey so far. And with incredible support and recognition along the way – including multiple Spotify editorial playlists features (Alternative beats, All New Rock, Alternative Generation, Friday Cratediggers); Synch on shows like ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, an NFL kick-off and a feature in a Forbes magazine article – it’s clear to see that this is music you need by your side. Listen to ‘OUTLAW’ on Cloudkid now.

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