whatyoudid. Oh No
Release Date 29/08/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents whatyoudid. - Oh No

Anthemic and eclectic with an emotive and honest core, CloudKid’s latest signee, whatyoudid. presents his first single under the label, ‘Oh No.’ The sad and introspective track is met with a contrastingly uplifting musical arrangement with an epic dance element to it as well.    

The artist says, “A series of unfortunate and negative circumstances can send a relatively normal person into a spiral of anxiety and depression. This song encapsulates the feelings of confusion and loneliness that engulf someone when experiencing such a change to their life. The most poignant lines are probably // tell me what you think that I gotta do, to save myself from the hell I’ve got into // which explain a lot about the song’s narrative and feelings.”  

»It encapsulates feelings of confusion and loneliness...«

In his first release with CloudKid, UK-based artist, whatyoudid. says this, “It’s not about what you said, it’s about whatyoudid.” His first release, ‘Oh No,’ out now!