updog obsessed
Release Date 03/06/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - obsessed

He says, “I wrote ‘obsessed’ during my writing week with fellow CloudKid artist, Joseph Feinstein, the first song we wrote of many. We started it by jamming alongside a Greek-style melody super late at night, and just really liked the vibe, so we ended up turning that jam session into a proper song. The lyrics were inspired by a good friend’s ex. She was not super nice, a bit possessive, and kind of pretentious, and when they broke up, she freaked out and wouldn’t leave him alone. Quite obsessive. Almost a year later, he still gets hit up by her once in a while, and so the obsession seems to continue.”

»We ended up turning that jam session that night into a proper song.«

updog left 2021 and graduated from quirky pop melodies and whacky lyrics and went back to his alt-pop rock roots. Previously, the artist explored more abstract and fun narratives, but on this album, slated for release in the next two weeks, he’s focusing on realer and more alternative sounds, while trying to reclaim the meaning of the ‘what’s updog’ joke his artist project is so named after. With support from music tastemakers such as MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Valliant already, and a growing fan base and community eager to see what he does next, let’s just say summer ’22 continues to look bright in the world of updog. ‘obsessed‘ out now!

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