Roft3x, Pvls Obsessed
Release Date 21/08/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Røft3x, Pvls - Obsessed

Prodigy, Germany-based producers, Røft3x and Pvls come together to release ‘Obsessed.’ The track begins very dreamily with an organ like sound, however, the main focus is on the vocals. After a short break, the track begins getting louder and the focus becomes the drop. Subtle Easter eggs, like bells played in reverse, and some repetitive piano sounds hone in on the uniqueness of the track.  

They say of the song, “The song is about a person who is not able to forget someone who has left them, and they’re still holding on to them. The main person dreams that this “someone” says that they will never leave them, but knows that it’s all in their head and they can’t control someone else’s choices. Quotable lines are “You’re always there in my dreams Telling me You’re never gonna leave.” //  

»...they're still holding on to them. «

Meet Roft3x, the 18-year-old music producer from Germany, captivating audiences with a unique blend of orchestral sounds, guitars, future bass, and trap drops, driven by hard-hitting drums. His journey began at just 10 years old, discovering piano and natural talents for mesmerizing melodies. Now, Roft3x fuses orchestral grandeur with contemporary beats, evoking powerful emotions in his tracks. Alongside him on the track is Pvls, also a young music producer from Germany, whose music is an enchanting fusion of distorted and rich soundscapes, meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing  listening experience. Each track of his takes listeners on a unique and immersive journey through sonically interesting worlds, where boundaries blur, and emotions run deep. As a producer, he has skillfully woven electronic, pop, and alternative elements into his compositions. The result is a captivating blend of genres that keeps audiences on their toes, never quite knowing what sonic surprise awaits them next. Together, their track, ‘Obsessed‘ on CloudKid out now!

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