Airmow NUIT
Release Date 26/01/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Airmow - NUIT

The France-born and based artist and producer has been thinking of his next musical journey for some time now, previously with ‘ROUGE‘ and now with ‘NUIT,’ another instrumental that starts with very atmospheric and mysterious tones. Right off the bat, listeners are immersed in a soundscape that is both intriguing and disturbing, seemingly lost between dream and reality. Airmow’s signature sound is recognizable from the beginning, deep and oppressive baselines met with soaring sound layers. The song’s drop marks a real break in the verse, the bewitching illusion giving way to the dark and sharp reality of that moment in the song. 

He says of the work behind ‘NUIT,’ “The song translates into the word, ‘night.’ Nighttime is my favorite time of the day, because it’s when I’m the most creative and uninhibited. At night, I find that I ask myself a lot less questions and I give way to my creativity. Writing this piece took an all-nighter and a few more days of fine-tuning. Relating to that process, the track is about discovering an unknown world, that is both wonderful and huge, but that can also be threatening and disturbing. NUITproposes a vision of a less apocalyptic world than my previous track ‘ROUGE,’ but the vision I had for both tracks remains, nevertheless, very dystopic.”    

»This was very inspired by movies like Blade Runner, Dune & The Matrix. «

Working closely with creator, Valentin Houee, his partner in visual and creative direction, Airmow’s next extended play will encompass many tracks, like ‘NUIT,’ that will combine various energies and intensities, similar to the likes of soundtracks to feature films. From the melancholic and soft, ‘My Life,’ of which features candid vocals by Frizzy The Streetz, to the more intense, broody blow of ‘ROUGE,’ Airmow’s work does well in encapsulating what it means to be able to successfully translate feelings and emotions onto a piece of sound, backed up by a great backstory – just like in the movies.

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