Kaphy, DEIIN Now You Know Me
Release Date 07/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaphy & DEIIN - Now You Know Me

CDMX-based Kaphy is back with another track, produced from the corners of his studio, alongside previous collaborator, DEIIN. On ‘Now You Know Me,‘ sonically, the track holds a mid- tempo with a bit of alternative, indie and glitchy pop-rock elements to it, with themes of fear, hate & envy permeating lyrically.

He says. “Uncertainty really scares some people, that feeling of not knowing what someone’s capable of also tends to provoke those fears. There’s also those people who can’t live with certain happenings in the lives of their counterparts, for example someone being at a better place than they are. That’s also a fear, but those people are just stuck in their own head, with a negative mindset, full of resentment, anger and bitterness against others, and in reality, against themselves. But the overall goal is to never let anyone take you down, and let them know exactly who you are.”

»...just stuck in their own head.«

Kaphy, born and raised in Mexico, is a music producer with large ambitions and an outlook on his future with music. He started producing at the age of 13, via an old laptop and cheap headphones, constantly working towards learning more, experimenting with many elements and genres within electronic music, trying to find the right sound he would soon go on to produce and make his staple style. Two years later, he would go on to learn music theory and to play the piano. He’s since had the urge to become a multi-instrumentalist and a catalyst force in his one-man rock band. Since this desire, he’s been releasing with CloudKid in collaboration with veterans of the label and new signees, including DEIIN, a new project by Bryan Dean, a producer, DJ & singer-songwriter from the US & Mexico. Prior to this release, he was solely making remixes for years with his real name, but ultimately decided to created DEIIN to start fresh on making original music. Together, they release their second song together, ‘Now You Know Me,‘¬†out now on CloudKid!

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