PatrickReza November
Release Date 27/11/2019
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CloudKid Presents PatrickReza - November

PatrickReza continues his run of impeccable music with his latest single ‘November’. Coming straight off the back of his ‘Strung Out’ EP, the Indie Trap producer has clearly not run out of creative juices, with ‘November’ being his ultimate cocktail. Blending an intriguing mix of piano melodies, guitar riffs and big bass drops, the song will be sure to take you on the usual epic journey which Rezas’ music never fails to do.

He explains: “November is the story of the day I met my girlfriend for the first time. It was a cold rainy day that quickly changed and filled with warmth when I met her. I wrote November for the hopeless lovers looking for their special someone and that moment when they find them. The human to human connection is the strongest bond in our world and I wanted to focus on the sensory feelings in that experience. I think the song will resonate with many that have felt the same unique connection with someone they love, will love in the future or have loved in the past”

»I wrote November for the hopeless lovers looking for their special someone«

The emotive basis behind ‘November’ resonates clearly with Reza’s artist vision of “giving listeners a personal look into my own experiences through the good and bad times, love and heartbreak, and relationship success and struggles”; a standpoint which turns the relatability of his writing into an immediate addiction of his music. ‘November’ now fulfilling that craving flawlessly.