Besomorph, Gloria Kim Not The One
Release Date 02/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Besomorph & Gloria Kim - Not The One

Los Angeles-based producer, Besomorph, joins forces with Korean-American singer, Gloria Kim, to release their fierce, fresh and hauntingly energetic track ‘Not the One.‘ The song easily transports listeners back to the 70s/80s — sonically sounding like a disco, funk track (with Gloria’s vocals) that meets an alt, electronic, dance track (via Beso’s production).

Besomorph says, “The song is about two people who put a lot of effort of making their relationship work, but eventually realize that it can never work out, because they are not meant to be for each other and are just in two different places in their life to make it work.” Gloria adds, “‘Not The One’ goes through the journey of a person in a relationship who desperately wants their partner to change. However, they realize that their partner, who they once thought was a great fit, is no longer someone they see themselves with. They have come to a pinnacle that no matter how much time and effort they put into this relationship, it is not one worth saving.”  

»It is just not a relationship worth saving...«

Known for combining dark melodicism with electronic music, Besomorph, who currently holds a count of over 3M monthly listeners on Spotify, has established himself as one of the most-streamed German electronic music artists. He was introduced to DJing by a friend when he was fifteen years old. A couple of years later, he switched to making his own sounds in order to expand creatively and launched his career as Besomorph in 2016. With over 650 million streams across the platforms, Besomorph has secured slots on Spotify’s largest editorial playlists, such as Hype, Main Stage, Bass Arcade, over 5 NMF playlists and up-and-coming Germany-based playlists. His music has been released on various labels and YouTube music channels such as NCS, Trap Nation, Trap City, Suicide Sheep, CloudKid and xKito to name a few. Alongside him on this record is Gloria Kim. Hailing originally from a small town on the east coast of the US, Gloria Kim is a Korean-American artist, songwriter, producer and DJ. Her unique tone and smooth melodies have helped her garner millions of plays across several DSPs.  Last year, her single ‘Winter Without You’ charted #4 on the International Top 20 Singles in China. For the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Gloria wrote and sang the official theme song. Not too long after, she was the only woman DJ to be featured on Diplo’s SiriusXM x House of Jade Takeover.