TEYA Not Scared Of Growing Old
Release Date 17/05/2024
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CloudKid Presents TEYA - Not Scared Of Growing Old

TEYA returns to share her latest next single, an edgy, alt-pop track — very TEYA-esque in sound — called ‘Not Scared Of Growing Old,’ of which lyrically shares a critique of the timeline that society puts on women to have to achieve goals and unlock milestones as they age, and how vehemently she as an artist goes against that grain, continuing to march to the beat of her own drum.

TEYA continues, “I wrote this in Vienna with Dana, a friend of mine and a fellow singer-songwriter. We were talking about the societal expectations on what a person’s life looks like – especially for women. The questions are always: ‘do you have a boyfriend, when are you getting married or when are you having kids?’ With me never having been in a relationship before and really prioritizing myself and my career, I always felt this pressure of growing old. I was always a little scared of it, especially because being a singer is something that’s ”supposed to happen” when you’re younger. I really hate that mentality, and that pressure, so I just decided that I wouldn’t be scared of growing old anymore. I could fall in love at 60 and be a singer at 80, because it doesn’t fucking matter. Now when someone says, ‘but go to the club, you’re supposed to do that now while you’re younger,’ I can say I’ll go to raves at 94, be a grandma on the dance floor. Because I CAN have fun and achieve my goals at any age. Time is just a construct, and nothing matters.”

»...time is just a construct, and nothing matters.«

Teodora Špirić, known professionally as TEYA, is an Austrian-Serbian singer-songwriter based in Berlin. At 24 years old, TEYA’s journey so far is testament to her remarkable talent and dedication to her craft. What started as a necessity to create blossomed into a passion — now, career — that has propelled her into the heart of the music industry. Formerly a professional tennis player, TEYA was, however, not a stranger to the stage, performing in musicals during her teen years. In 2020, TEYA decided to retire from tennis, instead shifting focus to writing songs and honing in on her artistry. Now a hobby turned profession, TEYA began competing on-stage as a songwriter, her first competition being the Beovizija 2020, Serbia’s national selection for the Eurovision, followed quickly by Starmania 21, an Austrian singing competition. Since then, TEYA’s musical endeavours have led her to songwriting camps across Europe as well as signing a publishing deal with Kayser & Boss, Sony Music Publishing, and Schneeblind Musikverlag, In September 2022, TEYA wrote the song that would become the entry for 2023’s Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Who The Hell Is Edgar?” of which she’d later perform alongside SALENA as the Austrian contestants for the competition. The song struck a chord with audiences, now having amassed over 30 million plays on various platforms, showcasing her growing impact in the industry. Fresh off the Eurovision battlefield in Liverpool, TEYA begins a new journey in Germany and with CloudKid. Set to release her first ever EP this summer as a solo artist, TEYA will continue writing songs for other up and coming artists in the scene, while furthering her artist career.

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