Silent Child Normal
Release Date 24/04/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Normal

Rising talent Silent Child new single ‘Normal’ goes far beyond your everyday normal song. Following an irrefutable trend, the young writer and producers expanding catalogue has been catching more and more ears over the past few months… defining his distinctively crafted sound further with every song. Now his new single ‘Normal’, with its underlying gritty guitars and blissful drops, latches on to everything we’ve learnt to love about Silent Child so far.

Describing the meaning behind the track, he explains: “Normal” is about insecurities. We all have that voice in our heads telling us that we aren’t good enough, or we are ugly, or unimportant. We’ve all had those days when we were at our lowest lows, but this song is about understanding that it’s part of being human to go through all this and to feel this way. No one is alone despite what your brain tells you and life can only be so low for so long. It can get better”. 

»No one is alone despite what your brain tells you«

Using his music as a medium to speak out to himself and his listeners, Silent Child’s sets out to inspire anyone who comes across it. And as an artist that began producing all his music with a semi-broken laptop and recording vocals on an iPhone, his artistic journey up until now – including being signed by Cloudkid and receiving recognised support from the likes of MrSuicideSheep – is certainly one to look out for. Check out ‘Normal’ now.