Airmow Nobody Knows
Release Date 15/02/2020

CloudKid Presents Airmow - Nobody Knows (feat. Ethan Uno)

Soaring talents Airmow and EthanUno join forces to create ‘Nobody Knows’ – a lucid combination of synth pop and cinematic production. Bringing his signature blend of genres to the table, Airmow manages once again to fuse the catchy elements of pop together with his self-designed electronic soundscape. Enticed by the unique sound, Uno lends his vocals to add a catchy and relatable topline to the track.

The track builds enticingly until it hits the drop, and it is here – with its hard-hitting beat, incredibly detailed bass line and unique sound structure – where Airmow proves once again that his production styles is one of the best and most innovative out there.

Airmow explains: “The bassline was created with a lot of organic synthetic sounds that I recorded and designed myself. For example, I created one of the ‘crunchy’ sounds using my mouth. The vocals from EthanUno then bring a super powerful groove to the drop”.

Uno adds: “I aspire to create catchy melodies and unforgettable lines with the intention of capturing the listener’s attention as quickly as possible. This song pertains to the feeling of falling in love. The hook cements the theme of the track by emphasizing the euphoric feeling one gets from the connection; a feeling that `nobody knows“.

»I created one of the crunchy sounds using my mouth«

Inspired by artists such as The Weeknd, and the ‘French touch’ of Justice and Daft Punk, the pair conjured up a track that is hard not to keep hitting replay on. Soon, ‘Nobody Knows’ will be a track that everybody knows.

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