Release Date 12/06/2020
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CloudKid Presents dwilly & Brandyn Burnette - nirvana

Nirvana [noun]: a state of complete bliss, delight and peace …quite fittingly, the exact place that the longtime collaborators and best friends – dwilly and Brandyn Burnette – new single ‘nirvana’ will take you to. Venturing into their second single together since ‘Hands Down’ back in 2018, it is clear that both artists are still bouncing off each other effortlessly. And if dwilly’s previous collaboration are anything to go by – including co-writting and producing for Mike Posner’s Look What I’ve Done ft. Ty Dolla $ign’, ‘Prince Akeem ft. Wiz Khalidaand Trevor Daniel’s All Of That – there is plenty of reason to hype about this new one.    Naturally, the combination of dwilly’s playful and boundary pushing production together with Brandyn’s soulful voice and experienced songwriting makes ‘nirvana’ one of the most contagious and feel-good tunes out there this summer. Talking about the making behind the single, they explain: 

“We got together one day at his studio in north Hollywood. We were both in our own long term relationships & started writing about our girlfriends. dwilly also had a show that week so we decided to try it out live for the first time, and after seeing the reaction from the audience we immediately went back into the studio to finish it off” “dwilly produced this track using a lot of hardware synths. You can also hear the sound is heavily influenced by 8-bit Nintendo 64 video games & luscious hip hop / pop”

»the sound is heavily influenced by 8-bit Nintendo 64 video games«

The creative headspace of these two artists who are continuously blending and exploring genres makes every release just as exciting as the last… never knowing exactly what they’re about to do next. However with both artists boasting over 650K+ monthly listeners, receiving recognition from trending Spotify Editorial playlists such as Anti Pop, Metropolis and Young & Free as well as Blogs from the likes of Ones To Watch and Hillydilly, it’s always guaranteed to be special. Indeed ‘nirvana’, with its 90’s style electro-pop blend and Louis The Child style production, will certainly satisfy the craving for that moment of musical bliss. 

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