UNDREAM Nightmare (feat. Neoni)
Release Date 05/02/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents UNDREAM - Nightmare (ft. Neoni)

UNDREAM continues to conquer our ears and show off his versatility with his latest single in collaboration with Neoni – Nightmare. Only 3 singles into the project, the young Swedish producer has already started to craft a strong cornerstone in his sound and image. Heading into it with clear confidence and flair, Nightmare is another clear example of how well he’s able to capture a mood and disconnect us from reality for a quick moment with the feeling of disbelief. Aided by the flawless topline of Neoni’s vocals, the track comes in with a punch.

He explains: “A lot of the time I get inspired by what I can’t explain with words or something that is out of my understanding. Abstract imagery and unexplainable situations are things that inspire most of my sounds” Neoni add: “Nightmare is set in your childhood bedroom. Do you remember waking up in the middle of the night and being absolutely terrified of the shadows coming to life in the dark? All you wanted was for someone to show up and chase all the monsters back into your closet. Then we grow up and all that fear is supposed to just go away. But if we’re being honest, those monsters we used to be so scared of come back to life in different forms; stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, relationships, work, etc… They’re all the same monsters we just have names for them now and even if you turned on every single light in the house, they never seem to go away”  

»abstract imagery and unexplainable situations are things that inspire most of my sounds«

Discovering an artist with this amount of potential at these early stages is one of the most exciting prospects for any music fan. His first ever release ‘Freak‘ (Sub Urban cover) put him quickly under the spotlight for many tastemakers including the likes of MrSuicideSheep on YouTube and already amassing over 1.3M streams on Spotify. His follow up original single ‘Backfire‘ and now ‘Nightmare’ will be part of his debut EP coming out later this year.

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