Cheska Moore Nightmare
Release Date 25/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Cheska Moore - Nightmare

London-based singer-songwriter, Cheska Moore is back with her next single, ‘Nightmare.’  Set against a backdrop of minor chords and unique reggaeton rhythms, this track delves deep into the abyss of shattered dreams and fractured emotions.

Shes says about the song, “This song captures a moment when life takes a nightmarish turn, each day bleeding into the next like a hazy dream. It’s suffering through sleepless nights and the isolation that comes with heartbreak. There are unexpected twists as the song progresses, revealing the true terror that underpins the experience, a fear that perhaps I am the very embodiment of the nightmare itself.”    

»suffering through sleepless nights...«

Inspired by artists like UPSAHL, Billie Eilish, and Jesse Reyez, Cheska Moore brings a fresh perspective to the music world. Her powerful vocals and deep lyrics create an emotional connection with her audiences, making her a rising star to watch out for. Sonically, her music offers a unique blend of moody, rebellious, and bass-heavy sounds with distorted elements, creating a distinct dark alt-pop style. Her songs tackle darker themes with honesty, exploring moments that people may not necessarily own up to, such as narcissism, sexuality and toxicity. Through her music, she hopes to make people feel understood and realize that these moments are the ones that make us human. Her next track with CloudKid, Nightmare,’  out now!